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    People today need to be able to reach your business day or night otherwise they’ll call someone else. And, truth is, they don’t want to talk with a conventional call center. To improve overall brand image, Executel’s highly-trained live receptionists strive to create an atmosphere where callers receive such personalized service, they still believe they’ve contacted your office or business directly.

    We customize our solutions around your business platform, from hospitality and education to medical and small business, so that customer service is seamless and professional. Callers feel personally addressed and listened to as well as connected to your organization.
    Call Forwarding
    Our answering service professionals can easily and promptly forward important calls to the right employees at any time.
    Virtual Receptionist
    Whether it’s the middle of the day on a holiday, or 2 a.m. on a weekday morning, your business looks impressive when our receptionist promptly answers the phone; ready to act as your representative.
    Our live answering receptionists eradicate missed calls and can send messages to employees around the clock so nothing is missed or inadvertently swept under the rug.
    Call Screening
    Our receptionists will be trained to know the difference between an important call that must be forwarded to the right employee immediately, or to take a message and deliver it to a specific department according to your instruction. This saves your business immense amounts of time and capital, increasing operational effectiveness.
    Executel also manages client call schedules to keep your business running smoothly and further minimize the usage of your in-house resources.
    Incredibly cost-effective with almost instantaneous return on investment, Executel uses a proprietary suite of tools for cutting edge answering service solutions that are easy to access and track. We use adaptable and flexible technology as well as in-house specialists for reliably consistent uptime that improves your image, customer retention, and revenue growth. We also offer free online account management tools that allow you to monitor, review and measure our response times along with tracking call volumes.

    Contact an Executel representative today to get a free 7-day trial for your business that requires no contract, credit card or pressure.