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    Executel call center services works with large scale organizations that need more than just a phone-based receptionist to field calls. From large hospitals, major corporations, to ecommerce and phone order processing our team ensure operations go smoothly around the clock with the fastest pick-up times in the industry.

    We help process orders for big suppliers through friendly and prompt live answering services that minimize call abandonment and improve customer retention. Direct-response ads and ecommerce websites also turn to Executel call center services because our in-house IT department uses proprietary software with dynamic access to online accounts to increase lead capture and handle large spikes in call volume.
    Our systems monitor calls in real-time to provide incredible insight to our clients through tracking, detailed diagnostic reports, and profit evaluations that increase returns on investment.
    There’s no call too complex for Executel. From medical patients to incoming college students concerned about class information our receptionists are trained to handle your needs effectively and efficiently.
    When your business faces an emergency, no matter what time of day, our call center services keep operations in motion until the dust settles. You set the protocol, we make it happen, all while reducing operating costs and helping to protect you from potential legal actions.
    Along with helping our clients keep and retain their customers through impeccable US-based phone answering services, we also screen calls to save more time, money and resources.
    Executel call center services are custom-designed for every client to add value, grow revenue, increase customer service, and improve operational effectiveness across the board.
    Today’s competitive landscape has made the outsourcing of customer service an absolute necessity in order to remain at the front of the pack. Our team captures all the pertinent data and customer information that drive positive results saving your company substantial internal resources.

    Executel is proud to be a helpful, quick, and convenient point of contact for your business. Each call shines a bright light of customer satisfaction on your brand with your own 800 number and a technical support team in your corner.

    Allow the many voices at Executel to clearly communicate one unified branding, sales or service message to those that reach out and call your number. Use our contact form today and one of our representatives will contact you and send you our information packet.